The Amazing Solar Kettle in Action

In this short demonstration you can see the solar kettle in action. Not only has it heated water to boiling point it has boiled an egg that was placed inside a few minutes before.

The perfect breakfast!


Don't just take our word for this :"It's actually quite impressive".

The BBC Travel Show, June 2014

This excerpt from the BBC Travel Show has the delightful Tommy Sandhu giving one of our solar kettles a test run on a slightly dull day somewhere near London.

As he says, if you are off-grid and desperate for a cup of coffee you "will find a way". The solar kettle provides that way!

Solar Kettle - The Green Age

Published on 19 Apr 2016

Henry tests the Solar Kettle - the gadget that utilises the power of the sun to pre-heat the hot water in this container. It should be the perfect gadget to utilise for camping and in the outdoors - The Green Age