Our efficient modern solar water heating systems make use of the latest evacuated tube and heat-pipe technology to make them extremely efficient.  They can convert 60% of the solar energy that falls on them into useful heat energy.  They can operate in temperatures as cold as -60°C enabling them to contribute to water heating throughout the UK winter.  There is no risk of frost damage and they are durable, and resistant to hail.  A study by the Energy Savings Trust found that in the 88 properties that they trialled, well-installed and properly used systems could provide around 60% of a household's hot water over a year. This rises considerably during the summer. For examples of performance please click here.

For a more detailed explanation of the technology behind our hi-tech solar water heating panels click here.

Our complete solar water systems include solar collector(s), separate twin-coil water tank (enabling connection to solar panels and conventional boiler), solar station (intelligent controller and pump-station combined). The panel frame and manifold are of the highest quality. The roof fixings are stainless steel. All kits come with detailed instructions for installation and commissioning, and this is well within the capabilities of most Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts.

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Solar thermal panel in close-up     Cylinder    Evacuated tube solar panel, 18 tubes 58x1800

Water Heating
Daily Output
(litres) at 50C
Collector Area
of tubes
(all tubes Φ58mm *1800mm)
Panel Dimensions
(W x L mm)
  SCM30-58/1800 225-315 2.40 30 2544 x 2000