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The system is great, with this and the wood burner I have not used gas for water heating for two years.  Gas company have sent a man out to check the meter ha ha ! ( average £2.50 a quarter for cooking).

DS (Thermal, Premium Package) Fareham Hampshire, installed Feb 2016, feedback July 2017.


As an Engineer refurbishing my own house I wanted to install my own solar thermal system. I already had a 400 litre Gledhill tank with a solar coil in the bottom. Following advice from Contemporary energy I installed two full size panels as my roof is shaded until about 11.00 am due to being West facing with a forest on the South side. The frames were easy to assemble and fit to the roof and the solar tubes slid into place smoothly.

I was concerned that the diagonal hipped nature of my roof was barely big enough for the panels but James sent me some shorter tubes for the end of the array in case I needed to shorten the corner .Once on the roof the shorter tubes were not required as the panels just fit. I also forgot a connector in my calculations but a quick email to Contemporary energy and the correct connector arrived next day with no fuss or bill.
I have had the panels on the roof for two years now and they have performed magnificently. I have quite a large, reasonably well insulated house and the two solar thermal panels produce enough heat to heat my home (underfloor heating) and provide enough hot water for a family of five. They do this all on their own with no requirement for the back up log fire or oil boiler from mid March through to mid October. The panels obviously contribute outside this period as well. They produce a surprising amount of heat with light (hazy) and medium cloud.  The savings in my oil bill and my back (chopping wood) have been great, I now use less than 1000 litres of heating oil a year for a 250m2 house.
I have rarely experienced the combination of a good value, quality, durable product, good advice, and fantastic customer service in one company.
Congratulation to Contemporary Energy and thank you.
TW  (Thermal Premium package with additional panel) Goucestershire, England, Installed April 2015, Feedback April 2017.

I wanted to say that the system was very easy to install, and provides us with all the hot water we need for free!

I did get a quote from a french company to supply and fit a system like yours. The price... €25,000!

RM (Thermal, Premium Package)   Seillans, France, June 2016


Just to let you know that the solar collector is now installed on the roof. The panel went on pretty well and is working OK.

Bleeding the air from the top is a bit tricky as there is not room for a ladder beside it on the roof - best rock climbing shoes on and keep focused !!

On a sunny April day it gets the whole 500 litre tank up to about 58 degrees - hope for a bit more in summer but still, it is quite enough for our needs- showers , washing machine etc.

On dull days it still gives about 5 degrees increase on 500 litres, quite impressive for spring time. I am continuing experiments with pump speed settings and temperature offsets to see what gives the best results.

Thank you for your support on this project.

DS (Thermal, Premium Package)   Fareham, Hampshire, April 2016


Last October you supplied me with a solar package for my swimming pool in Spain. We fitted the system in November using the existing heat exchanger with a circulation pump to create a flow from the pool when the main pump wasn't running. The circulation pump is controlled via a basic thermal control which senses the temperature at the top of the heat exchanger.  My main worry was if the exchanger was going to be too small for the job and the system would overheat.
The system has now been running since November without a hitch and has done exactly as we needed in extending the swim season. The water temperature in the pool is within a degree or so of the air temperature in the shade at midday. We've been here in Spain for the last two weeks when the pool temperature has been a toasty 32 degs. I have fitted a few max/min thermometers so I can keep an eye on things through the hottest times.

3 x 30 tube solar thermal panels in situ
The pool by day
The pool at night

Thanks again for all your help, I'll be in touch soon as we have a UK system to replace.

KD (Thermal, Premium Package + 2 extra 30 tube panels)   Spain, July 2015


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your solar thermal package and the service you provided. The unit was installed 2 weeks ago and has been performing well above my expectations. We have not had our biomass boiler switched on since the installation, and the water has been piping hot, even though the weather hasn't been exactly tropical! I also cannot praise your aftercare/communcation highly enough . Any questions/enquiries have been dealt with quickly and efficiently. OUTSTANDING.

GR (Thermal, Premium Package + speed flex pipe)   Chester-le-Street, Co Durham, May 2015


I have finished my system and I’m very pleased with it. All seems to be working very well. Even on an overcast day, at the start of May, facing SW, my 400 litre tank is reaching 60°C throughout with the two panels.

TW (Solar Thermal Package, 2 x 30 tube panels + speed flex pipe)   Upleadon, Gloucestershire, May 2015


I do all my own DIY work on my property. I was particularly impressed with your website which was full of useful practical information, well laid out, that helped me to conclude that I would  manage the installation without too many problems.

TW (Solar Thermal Package, 2 x 30 tube panels + speed flex pipe)   Upleadon, Gloucestershire, April 2015


Just wanted to let you know that the system we got from you around 7 years ago is still working really well. Many thanks again.

TF (Solar Thermal Package, 2 x 30 tube panels + 2 x 250 litre cylinders)   Langley, Buckinghamshire, January 2015


Thank you James for sorting out the earthing problem which tripped out my inverter. My system has been working continuously since your visit, even on a dark dismal day like today! Much appreciated.

JL  (PV, 4kWp system) Medstead, UK, November 2014


Just a line to say that the package is now installed and working correctly. It also looks great!

Out of interest, the tank water was 19°C at 7am. The 18 tubes face south and by 9.15am the pump was 'chugging' away quietly and constantly. We had a warm day here with clear skies all day long. The manifold temperature reached 58°C by 2.30pm bringing the tank temperature (144 litres) up to 48°C. I'm impressed!! Amongst other things, I threw hot water into the dishwasher and set it going... By summer, I think I'll need another cylinder at this rate!
 (Solar Thermal Package, 18 tubes)  Isle of Wight, UK, October 2014


Thanks for all your help in supplying the equipment and the technical help you gave me setting up the controls.

It works like a dream. Even on cloudy, rainy days we have plenty of hot water. Only on the coldest days in winter does the gas boiler kick in to top up the cylinder; even then, only for about ten minutes or so. It's the best purchase I have made for years.
 (Thermal, 30 tube package + 300l cylinder)  Lafitole, France, September 2013

Installation was very straightforward. The system has been in place for two months now and our hot water hasn't cost us a penny!

I am pleased with this excellent product and the service.
 (Thermal, 30 tube package)  Ruffiac, France, July 2013

Other than some shenanigans on the roof playing 'hunt the joist', the install went well and apart from getting the glycol into the system under pressure, was surprisingly problem-free. (Here's a tip for future installers - don't use too much heat transfer grease on the tubes before installing as they go in a lot easier with a thin layer on the copper connectors!) If I tell you the first couple of sunny days resulted in us not bothering the boiler for hot water, you'll understand it's working exactly as hoped.

Thank you for an excellent product and equally good service.
 (Thermal, 18 tube dual aspect package)  Grimsby, Humberside, May 2013

I have been so impressed with the performance, and financial returns, of my 2.25kWp PV system, that I have upgraded it to the maximum 4kWp. Even though the FiT payments on the extended part of the system are less than what we get for the first installation, it was still worth the extra outlay, mainly because there is so much spare electricity now that we can usefully make use of. Thanks once again for taking care of this. I am well pleased with everything.
 (PV, upgraded to 4 kW)  Alresford, Hampshire, March 2013

Suffice to say that, 18 months on from installation, we are still delighted with the installation. The returns have been excellent and the PV in particular has altered the way we use electricity (ie, not running the dishwasher and washing machine at the same time). Even on a pretty mucky day the Thermal has got to 37 degrees, in turn reducing the work of the gas overnight for water and heating. We haven't really measured the savings over the whole 18 months but for the first two (albeit quite sunny) months we reduced our usage by 85% on electricity and 50% on gas. And though the FIT payments come in handy, I'd do it again without them.

Lastly, I should say that the installation itself was a breeze. Phil, Toby and yourself were not only efficient but a joy to have around.
 (PV 3.4 kW with Thermal)  Winchester, Hampshire, October 2012

The project required a lot of coordination and my main thanks must go to Contemporary Energy.

I've been much impressed by the subtlety of the equipment you've put in place; even more so by your ingenuity in combining it into a system which not only fulfils my original aim but also acts as a normal tariff-earning solar panel array.

So, thanks again for some very successful problem-solving and a lot of hard work.
 (PV 3.84 kW grid-tie system with battery backup)  Hedge End, Hampshire, September 2012

It's been a few months since I installed the dual aspect package. It is doing really well and the boiler has hardly ever come on to heat the water since in was installed in March.
 (Thermal)  Warrington, Cheshire, July 2012

My PV system is performing extremely well. It has been installed 9 months now and the generated electricity is right on target despite the poor summer so far. Including the electricity we have saved it has taken 10 months to achieve 10% Return of Investment! I am very impressed.
 (PV 2.25 kW)  Alresford, Hampshire, July 2012

I've just had my quarterly gas bill and I'm very impressed with the savings.
 (Thermal)  Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, March 2011

We are very happy with the solar heating kit you sold us, it's working very well, ... I was impressed that you provided everything down to the screws.
 (Thermal)  Waterlooville, Hampshire, February 2011

For the last month (April) the system has more or less provided all the hot water we need. As you will recall I installed 60 tubes and 2 x 250Ltr tanks and converted the house to mains pressure to have more powerful showers, so our water use would have risen somewhat. Today just four showers were taken - three in the late morning and one after dark. The temperatures in the tanks right now at 11.30pm are 83°C top and 74°C bottom ...

I can say we are all delighted and hugely impressed with the system and its ability.

TF (Thermal)   Langley, Buckinghamshire, January 2011

We are very happy with this solar water heating. In past two months (March and April) we have only had to use the gas boiler two days for water heating. In future I am planning to add an extra water cylinder, to collect more hot water.
 (Thermal)   Hythe, Hampshire, January 2011

My system has been getting impressively hot with panel temperatures up to 84°C and tank temperatures over 70°C.   And it’s only April yet! 
RB  (Thermal)  Reading, Berkshire, January 2011

Very satisfied, great advice, especially with the change of panel layout, good quality of workmanship and after 6 weeks it is generating about 30% more than the standard SAP forecast.

MB (PV 3.6kW) Hedge End, Hampshire, October 2010

The gloat factor is still good. On a sunny day, watching the consumption meter staying put with two loads in the washing machine and a dishwasher running, with free cups of tea, is good for morale.

PN (PV 3.8kW) Reading, Berkshire, October 2010


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