High quality, pre-insulated, flexible solar pipes
Ideal for installing our solar hot water packages



  • Easy installation, no soldering, no multiple joints, no bending tools.

  • The flow and return can be completed with just one continuous length of pipe each.

  • Bends can be made perfectly by hand and, due to the flexible nature of the pipe, complex pipe runs can be completed in minutes.

  • Tubes can be cut to exact length.

  • No special tools are required for making joints.

  • Saves time and effort.

  • High quality flexible corrugated stainless steel tube.

  • Aeroflex high temperature EPDM insulation coated with tough black film protects against UV, the weather, bird pecking etc.

  • Working temperature -57°C to 150°C.

  • Maximum pressure 17.5 bar.

  • Can be connected to solar hot water systems with all standard components.

  • We stock two pipe sizes, DN12 and DN16, in three lengths, 10, 20 and 30 metres.

  • Cheaper than the traditional labour intensive alternative of copper pipe plus Armaflex HT high temperature insulation.
  • I am confused about how to connect my Solar Speed Flex with the connectors provided.

    These pictorial instructions  should help you.

  • How can I easily estimate how much Solar Speed Flex to order?

    These schematics show the set up for one and for two solar thermal panels:

  • I am confused about the terms FLOW and RETURN pipes. Are they different?


    The flow pipe carries hot water from the solar thermal panel(s) to the cylinder. It is fitted with the temperature sensor cable which links to the digital controller.

    The return pipe is used elsewhere in the circuit and carries cold water.

  • Which size pipe should I use, DN12 or DN16?

    DN12 is recommended for a single solar thermal panel.

    DN16 is recommended for two or more solar thermal panels.

How to Order Solar Speed Flex

If you are ordering a solar thermal kit or panel Solar Speed Flex is included in the list of optional extras.

If you are ordering Solar Speed Flex on its own you can ORDER FROM HERE.