This is a collection of writings, by Contemporary Energy Ltd and others, that explore different aspects of solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal technologies.

The Environmental Impact of Solar PV

More and more people are starting to question the environmental impact of domestic solar PV systems. Are they as environmentally friendly as they appear to be at first sight?

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Using Solar Heating Systems All Year Round – FAQs

With a basic understanding of how solar thermal works it will be possible to maximise the financial benefits throughout the whole of
a year.

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Intelligent Immersions – Pros and Cons

Intelligent immersions divert surplus electricity that would otherwise be exported to the grid. How can you judge whether to invest in one of these?

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Solar Kettle FAQs

The amazing Solar Kettle has generated much interest since it was introduced. This is a selection of questions that we have been asked.

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Solar PV FAQs

This is a selection of questions that we have been asked about the operation of solar PV.

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Compatibility of Solar Thermal Systems and Existing Boilers

This is a selection of questions that we have been asked about the operation of our solar thermal systems.

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Solar PV Installations in the UK

This is a look at the various rules and the feed-in tariff to see why installing solar PV to your property might still be a step well worth taking.

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Fire Fighter Hazards

A fire in the presence of a solar PV installation, particularly in a domestic situation, creates a set of extra hazards for those having to deal with it.

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Home Owners and Fire Risk

There are some simple precautions home owners can take which would help prepare for the eventuality of a fire in a property where there is a solar installation.

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Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline PV panels?

The decision whether to install monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar PV panels can be somewhat perplexing. A basic understanding of the main differences can be helpful.

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Solar Hot Water Systems – How They Work

This is a simple guide to how solar thermal systems operate.

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The Impact of Solar PV on the Price of a House in the UK

Will you recoup what you paid for a solar PV installation? Surprisingly, there are many issues surrounding this seemingly simple question.

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UK Domestic Solar Panel Costs and Returns: 2010 – 2014

With the UK Feed-in Tariff degressing every quarter it would be easy to conclude that solar PV is no longer a worthwhile financial undertaking.

The organisation Green Business Watch UK has published a very thorough review of all the financial implications across the years 2010-2014. For anyone about to invest in solar PV their conclusion, based on a most rigorous analysis, is that:

"With the support of FIT, solar PV remains an attractive investment option and returns available today look to be significantly better than when the scheme was designed and launched."

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