Solar Thermal Panels for Heating Water

Cost-effectiveness is our goal. We pride ourselves on supplying high quality products at very reasonable prices. With ever-increasing energy prices, the economics of solar hot water systems are now very compelling - a system can pay for itself in just a few years. We import our systems by the container-load direct from the manufacturers. This cuts out the middle-men and enables us to keep our prices low. This is what one satisfied customer had to say:

Thanks for all your help in supplying the equipment and the technical help you gave me setting up the controls. It works like a dream. Even on cloudy, rainy days we have plenty of hot water. Only on the coldest days in winter does the gas boiler kick in to top up the cylinder; even then, only for about ten minutes or so. It's the best purchase I have made for years.
 (30 tube solar thermal kit)  Lafitole, France, September 2013

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study by the Energy Savings Trust found that in the 88 properties that they trialled, well-installed and properly used systems could provide around 60% of a household's hot water over a year. This rises considerably during the summer.  Our type of evacuated tube (vacuum tube) solar panel is even used by the British Antarctic Survey for solar water heating!



Our Promise

Contemporary Energy Ltd aims to provide the most competitively priced, sustainable solar hot water systems available. By keeping capital costs to a minimum, we can help to minimize your pay-back times. The cost of energy generated from sustainable energy systems is now lower than ever. This, coupled with the increasing price of fossil fuels, means that the payback times for our systems are remaining steady. Hence our systems still represent a sensible and economic solution for many requirements.