Payback Time for a 30 Tube Package

Our 30 tube package, if fully installed professionally, will cost around £1,800 (about £1,400 if you install it yourself). The amount of time it takes to recoup this amount of outlay will depend on the price of the fuel which normally heats the water. The more expensive that fuel is the more cost-effective these kits are. 

The following sequence of graphs gives the estimated payback time for a number of fuels all based on November 2013 figures. Allowance has been made for fuel price inflation.

  • Butane

    3 years

  • Electric

    3 years

  • Propane

    4.5 years

  • Gas oil

    6 years

  • Wood pellets

    6 years

  • Coal

    7 years

  • Mains gas

    8 years

Vacuum Tube Technology for year-round performance.

Our solar collector panels make use of vacuum tube technology and are designed especially for colder climates such as the UK. However, please note that a back-up heat source is always required in the UK. The system will work very well on bright sunny days in the winter, however on dull overcast days there will be very little heat contribution (hence the back-up source will have to make up the deficit on these days).

More information on the performance of solar thermal panels can be found here.