The following are feedback comments from some of our satisfied customers.


Imperial Grade Wulong Chinese Green tea, from spring water and solar kettle!
I've been enjoying the solar kettles using them largely for enjoying Chinese green and Wulong teas. This summer I was lucky enough to see a rainbow while enjoying some imperial grade Chinese green tea I made using the solar kettle on an island in Northern Ontario.

Eric M, Ontario, Canada, October 2017


One of our solar kettles is being evaluated by researchers at the BBC Travel Show.

They posted these pictures and amusing comments on their Twitter account.

New gadget just arrived.
Going to have to keep a close eye on
it in case it blasts through the roof.
  Gadget is getting a fabulous
view of London while it's tested by BBC.
Red Solar kettle in BBC office on delivery   Red solar kettle on rooftop balcony at BBC
Producer @KarolinaMottram on today's gadget shoot.
  "I'm singin' in the rain, I've got coffee again"
says Tommy Sandhu
Red solar kettle being tested on a camp site   Red solar kettle even worked in the rain!

BBC Travel Show, London, May 2014

THANK YOU for such a comprehensive reply [about how to remove the protective  film] - really helpful. Have now had one boil from it. You sent it super fast too. Expect 5 stars for being a great seller.

MrsV, Etchebar, France, November 2016

The Williams family from Oxfordshire held an open house event recently to showcase their eco-friendly home to demonstrate how just a few energy saving devices can make a real contribution to reducing one's carbon footprint. Among their range of energy saving devices they put forward was the Amazing Solar Kettle.
  "But perhaps the most eye-catching contraption of the day was the Williams's outdoor solar kettle. The metal-lined box opens up and is placed facing the sun: a transparent container like a thermos flask is then placed in the middle full of water and rapidly heats to more than 100 degrees. ... It's actually quite impressive"

The full account of the event can be found here.
PW, Stanford in the Vale, October 2016


So the solar kettle, whizzing its way up to 110°C in a hurry on the day, providing enough hot water for several cups of tea, is a regular at my house, keeping my coffee cup topped up without the need to boil an electric kettle throughout all but the dullest days. Even when it’s not particularly bright, it can get the water most of the way to hot, and then a few seconds in the electric kettle finishes it off without having to do the heavy lifting.Miserly, me? Maybe.
DD, Isle of Man, August 2015


Just letting you know that I've received the kettle today. Thank you very much for the great service and super fast delivery!
VB, London, UK, February 2015

Speedy delivery, fragile items well-packaged. Very happy, thanks!
IS, Dalbeattie, Scotland, December 2013

When camping, the solar kettle saves carrying too much fuel as most of it is used for boiling water. So thank you.
MS, Merseyside, UK, November 2013

In July I ordered a solar kettle (to be delivered to North Wales) to take as a present to my brother in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately it never arrived (courier problem) and I phoned you. You promptly dispatched another kettle direct to my father's address in Northern Ireland. This arrived before our visit and so I was able to unite kettle with its rightful owner. We put it to use that very day and even on the north-most coast of Ireland it produced some piping hot water in short order.

I am writing to you to thank you for your considerate and attentive processing of my order. Such service is a pleasure in this day and age.
SB, Wales, UK, September 2013

Great idea - just right for a cuppa on the allotment. I was amazed how quickly it got to boiling in last weekend's sun, and even on a cloudy day it still got pretty warm. It's coming camping with me this summer and I'll try leaving it out for the early morning sun for that first cuppa. Who needs a teasmaid!
J, UK, July 2013

Its a great start I am looking forward to the next version I hope it will be bigger and have a better quality lid. I also discovered that it keeps its temperature well after removing it from the sun. It works fairly well as a flask, hot or cold.
Mlilo24, UK, July 2013

This was a present and they loved it! It's been taken to the beach and it works!!!! Really recommend it.
Barb, UK, July 2013

Bought for my boat. Fast delivery, and kettle as described.
RMc, Plymouth, UK, June 2013

Good range of well priced items.
RM, Buxton, UK, June 2013

Good service.
BH, Shoeburyness, UK, June 2013

Here's a picture of the solar kettle I took in Nazaré, my hometown, in Portugal. (This is the place where the world renowned Garret McNamara surfed the highest wave in the world.) The kettle works perfectly. At this time of year [April], it's taking about two hours to get it to boil water. Whenever I take the kettle to my workplace, my colleagues immediately say: 'Oh Great, we're going to have solar tea again'.
AM, Nazaré, Portugal, May 2013
Solar kettle on Portugese beach

My Solar Kettle arrived in perfect condition. Thanks for the excellent service!
WC, Lanarkshire, Scotland, April 2013

Today, the kettle was put out at 10 AM and by 12:30 AM it had reached 104°C! My daughter and I are sitting here happily sipping the tea that we made.
KD, North Carolina, US, March 2013

A Christmas gift for my Dad. Such a great idea. He is going to love it.
TT, Encino, California, US, December 2012

I bought it for my Dad. He is thrilled.
NB, Ryde, Isle of Wight, December 2012

I bought one of these because I am really interested in alternative energy. I must admit that I did not expect it to work very well, but I am amazed at how wrong I was. It is astounding how well it works! In bright sunshine in the UK, in October about 5°C outside temperature, it easily got to boiling.

In cloudy conditions it won't get to boiling but it will usually get to 60°C, which is great for washing etc.

The unit is pretty well constructed but initially I didn't realise that there was protective film on the reflectors - it worked a lot better once I had taken that off! (Who reads instructions??) I like the built-in thermometer which lets you monitor the temperature. All in all a really nice product, well worth the money.
Happy Camper, UK, November 2012

During the mid-day sun - I set it out - and angled it toward the noon sun - it took about 40 minutes to heat the full contents.
HM, Haiti, November 2012

A very innovative and useful product, made better by its environmentally friendly process
Dr. Byron Wilson, Department of Life Sciences, University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica, October 2012

Achieved 70°C when no sun. Achieved 100°C in good sunlight. Design and function excellent.
It all works better than I could have imagined.
Braintree, Essex, September 2012

Brilliant! Had my first solar coffee today. Very happy!
Hampshire, August 2012

Haven't seen anything else like it on the market. Looking forward to taking it to the Lake District next month!
Berkshire, August 2012

Love the way it retains heat all day long! Great buy.
South East Hampshire, August 2012

I would fully recommend the Solar Kettle to any outdoor enthusiast. Once it becomes part of your routine you'll wonder how you went into the field without it!
Cambridge, August 2012

Innovative and environmentally friendly ... Thank you, solar kettle!!
Bob and Gill,
Surrey, August 2012

I used my Solar Kettle for the first time today. Left out for the day on a not overly sunny day, I have 1.5 litres of water at 80°C for free - enough for the washing up. I'm impressed!
Zoe N, Prestwick, Scotland, July 2012

I've been very impressed with the performance so far, once it's boiled it will re-boil again from a 1 mug top up in no time at all, I'd say about 30 mins. It's unlikely that the whole 1.2 litres [T45 prototype] will get used in one go, so it's mainly cups of coffee and top ups for the kettle.

Most impressive of all has been the cloudy day performance, Saturday was sunny with the kettle bubbling away all day pretty much. Sunday was very overcast, not to the point that it looked like rain, but no direct or broken sunshine at all, yet it still maintained 80°C till night time.
Gary, Ilford, Essex, May, 2011



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