Swimming pools make an ideal application for solar heating. The use of solar panels is very cost effective, and can cut your pool heating bills from thousands of pounds per year to almost nothing.

This lovely swimming pool is heated by four Contemporary Energy 30 tube solar panels, in a dual aspect configuration. The solar panels heat the pool to a very comfortable 86°F (30°C) at negligible running cost, throughout the season (April-Oct). Three panels are situated on the front of the pool pump-house, and one on the rear (see below).
The pool thermometer shows a very comfortable 86°F (30°C) temperature.

This is 100% from the solar panel water heating system.
Using our innovative controller logic, the dual aspect system is able to be controlled by one controller and pump-station configured in a single serial solar circuit. This saves the expense of having to have the panels on each aspect being controlled separately (with separate circuits, separate pumps, controllers, sensors etc).

This picture shows the pool filter and the connection to the heat-exchanger which is heated by the solar circuit.


Diagram of control equipment as set up

  1. Heat exchanger
  2. Zone valve, diverts solar circuit to heat dump radiators if desired temperature is exceeded (used primarily when the swimming pool is shut down in the winter, but the solar panels will still be generating heat)
  3. Digital controller
  4. Pumpstation
  5. Expansion vessel
  6. Pool pump/filter


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