Solar Thermal PanelOur efficient modern solar water heating systems make use of the latest evacuated tube and heat-pipe technology to make them extremely efficient. They can convert 60% of the solar energy that falls on them into useful heat energy. They can operate in temperatures as cold as -35°C enabling them to contribute to water heating throughout the UK winter. There is no risk of frost damage and they are durable, and resistant to hail. During the summer they can provide 90-100% of your hot water needs. Averaged over the year they will provide ~50-70% of hot water required. (Examples of performance.)

The technology behind our hi-tech solar water heating panels is explained further here.
Our solar water packages include solar collector(s), separate twin-coil water tank (enabling connection to solar panels and conventional boiler), solar station (combined pumpstation and digital controller. The panel frame and manifold are made of powder coated (anodised) aluminium, thus giving our Close-up of company logo on a thermal tubepanels excellent corrosion resistance and a high quality finish. The panels are manufactured to a high standard and are designed to last and look good on your roof for over 20 years. The roof fixings are stainless steel. All kits come with detailed instructions for installation and commissioning, and this is within the capabilities of most Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts. (A PDF of the installation instructions can be found HERE.)

As shown to the right all of our vacuum tubes are etched with our logo on the inside tube during manufacturing, so you can be confident you are purchasing the genuine article.

Vacuum Tube
Water Heating Panels
of tubes
(all Φ 58mm x 1800mm) 

Collector Gross Area
Collector Absorber Area (m2) Panel Dimensions
(W x L mm)
Daily Output
(litres) at 50°C
Annual Output* (kwh) Power at std conditions (1000W/m2) Approximate

30 5.09 2.79 2546 x 2000 225-315 2963 1750W 103 kg
*Results from testing at the Institute Für Solarenergieforschung GmbH in Germany, 
based on irradience of 1011 kWh/m2

Vacuum Tube Specifications

Length: 1800 mm
Outer tube diameter 58 mm
Inner tube diameter 47 mm
Glass thickness 1.6 mm
Thermal expansion 3.3 x 10-6
Material Borosilicate Glass 3.3
Absorptive coating SS-Al/N-Cu
Absorption coefficient > 93%
Emission coefficient < 6%
Vacuum P < 5x10-3 Pa
Wind resistance 30 m/s
Freezing resistance -35°C
Stagnation temperature > 220°C
Net weight 2.47 kg
Heating capacity per tube approx 8 litres of water to 50°C per day



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Diagram of solar tube panel