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Vented Twin Coil Solar Cylinders

From £505

Vented cylinders are the more traditional option, popular within many households as they are simpler to install and they are very effective in supplying with hot water, smoothly and efficiently. These types of cylinders can be used with most outlets whereas unvented cylinders have the disadvantage of not being compatible with some mixer taps and power showers. 

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Vented Cylinder (NOT part of a kit) *


  • Tank material: Copper
  • Max working pressure (secondary): 1 bar
  • Max working head: 10 m
  • No. of heat exchangers : 2
  • Solar primary max working pressure: 3.5 bar
  • Boiler primary max working pressure: 3.5 bar 
  • Solar primary coil surface area: 1.62 m2
  • Boiler primary coil surface area: 0.42 m2
  • Insulation thickness: 60 mm
  • The cylinders have an immersion heater boss included as standard, however the immersion heater itself is not included. (They can be bought for around £40.)
          Capacity            (litres)       Dimensions (mm)          excluding insulation       (D x Ht)
115 405 x1070
120 460 x 915
144 460 x 1070
166 460 x 1220
216 460 x 1500
344 510 x 1830