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Solar Thermal Collector (30 tubes)



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  • Can you give me a summary of what I need for a typical solar thermal installation?

    Our Premium Package (30 tube panel, pumpstation and digital controller) is £1077.

    The optional items we can supply with this package are:

    Optional Items Typical Quantity Price (GBP) including VAT
    Cylinder (vented or unvented) 1 From £820
    DN12 or DN16 solar speedflex with sensor cable 10, 20, 30 metres From £65
    DN12 or DN16 solar speedflex with no sensor cable 10, 20, 30 metres From £60
     Speedflex connectors  6 £28.50
     Solar roof flashings  2  £98
     Check valve  1  £8
     3-way fill/drain valve  1  £25
     Delivery (to most of mainland UK)  £80


    Ancillary items, available from good plumbers’ merchants, include the following:

    Ancillary Items Typical Quantity
    15 mm copper pipe 1.5 metres
    8 litre expansion vessel 1
    Fernox S1 solar fluid concentrate 5 litres
    PTFE tape 1 reel
    L-SX jointing compound 1
    22 mm T-joint (cold end of manifold) 1
    Auto bleed valve (eg Intasol high temperature solar air vent 1
    Large saddle clips 20
    Crimp connectors 6
    Coach bolts 6
    Wood screws (for saddle clips, etc) 45
    Pressurising pump (including connections) 1


    The comprehensive installation instructions can be viewed and downloaded FROM HERE.

    If you are unsure about any aspect of the installation process use the Contact Form with your question and we will do our best to answer your question.

  • I am confused about how to connect my Solar Speed Flex with the connectors provided.

    These pictorial instructions  should help you.

  • How can I easily estimate how much Solar Speed Flex to order?

    These schematics show the set up for one and for two solar thermal panels:

  • I am confused about the terms FLOW and RETURN pipes. Are they different?


    The flow pipe carries hot water from the solar thermal panel(s) to the cylinder. It is fitted with the temperature sensor cable which links to the digital controller.

    The return pipe is used elsewhere in the circuit and carries cold water.

  • Which size pipe should I use, DN12 or DN16?

    DN12 is recommended for a single solar thermal panel.

    DN16 is recommended for two or more solar thermal panels.


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Suitable for fulfilling the hot water needs of a 3-5 bedroom household with 2-5 people.

Our modern solar water heating panels use the latest evacuated tube and heat-pipe technology to make them extremely efficient. They can convert 60% of the solar energy that falls on them into useful heat energy. They can operate in temperatures as cold as -35°C enabling them to contribute to water heating throughout the UK winter. There is no risk of frost damage and they are durable, and resistant to hail. During the summer they can provide 90-100% of your hot water needs. Averaged over the year they will provide ~50-70% of hot water required. Payback times and performance can be viewed here.

The panel frame and manifold are made of powder coated (anodised) aluminium, thus giving our panels excellent corrgenuine_tubeosion resistance and a high quality finish. The panels are manufactured to a high standard and are designed to last and look good on your roof for over 20 years. The roof fixings are stainless steel. All kits come with detailed instructions for installation and commissioning, and this is within the capabilities of most Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts.

All of our vacuum tubes are etched with our logo on the inside tube during manufacture, so you can be confident you are purchasing the genuine article.


Important Delivery Information

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a next-day service.

Our courier specialises in transporting fragile goods. Orders received before Thursday one week are delivered the following week, or in some cases the week after, depending on the destination. Please get in touch if you wish to clarify this before placing an order.

Any sooner delivery will involve carriers not specialising in fragile goods and will also incur a higher charge. Please ring first if you are considering this option.

There may be a surcharge for some parts of the UK. You will be advised if this is the case.

If you wish to collect the panel yourself these charges do not apply.

Please note, however, that the boxes are up to 2.6 metres in length. An estate car, car with roof bars or transit sized van is best.

If you wish to collect in person, please contact us to arrange a suitable time. (The warehouse is south of Alton, Hampshire.)