Prepare yourself against the increasing risk of power cuts

with an affordable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Due to a variety of factors mains electricity supply is getting less and less reliable.  While the national demand for electricity is increasing steadily, the generation capacity is not keeping pace.  The supply of the fossil-fuels required by the power stations is also getting less certain.  As fuel prices continue to rise the reserve stockpiles of fuel held by the power companies is being reduced to critically low levels.  Also, the prevalence of extreme weather events is increasing, and these too, often result in power cuts (e.g. winter snow storms of 2011 and 2012, hurricane force winds of October and Christmas 2013). 

 All this means one thing:


Contemporary Energy has designed a range of systems to protect you and your family from power interruptions.  We provide uninterruptible power systems of various capacities to cater for everyone's needs.  Whether you want a UPS to just power a few critical appliances, or to ensure that the lights (and everything else) stay on throughout your whole house, we can provide what you need.

Make power failure a thing of the past!

  • Our UPS kits are designed to protect your home against loss of power during a mains electricity power cut.  Each kit comprises of a combined power/inverter, one or more specialist batteries, and the cabling and connections etc required.

    UPS Power Inverter/Charger
    While mains power is on, the inverter/charger charges the battery (or batteries).  When mains power fails the inverter/charger instantly switches to drawing power from the batteries and converting that power into AC power.  Thus any appliances connected to the system will have a continuous supply and will not be affected.  For example computers will continue to run with no data loss, and sensitive medical equipment will operate perfectly.

    The specialised batteries used as part of a UPS backup system have be to be capable of being recharged many times and being discharged to low levels (deep discharge cycle).  They also need to have a high storage capacity so that they will last many hours if so required.

    To Order a domestic UPS kit visit our KIT ORDERING PAGE and choose the kit that best suits your requirements.  Use the helpful guide to choose the best power capacity for your needs.

    To order UPS components individualy visit our UPS COMPONENTS PAGE.

  • In addition to acting as a backup when the power goes out, most battery backup devices also act as power "conditioners" by ensuring that the electricity flowing to your computer and accessories is free from drops or surges. If a computer is not receiving a consistent flow of electricity, damage to the hardware can and often does occur. This can also lead to loss of valuable data and loss of service. All important/critical computer installations have power backup (e.g. safety critical applications sich as air traffic control systems, internet servers etc.) If your computers need to be 100% reliable, power back-up is essential.

    UPS devices come in many shapes and sizes but are most commonly about the size of a shoebox, free standing and intended to sit on the floor near the computer. The built-in batteries inside the UPS provide power to the devices plugged into it when the mains power fails. The batteries are rechargeable (similar to a car battery) and replaceable, providing a long term solution to protecting your computer and data from failures. The front of the UPS has a power switch to turn the device on and off and will also sometimes have one or more additional buttons that perform various functions. More advanced models also feature LCD screens that show information about the charge-state of the batteries, how much power is being used, etc.

    The UPS features one or more 240V AC outlet sockets that the computers etc can be plugged into. A 4 or 6-way extension lead can by used to give additional sockets. In addition, many UPS devices will also feature surge protection and sometimes protection for network connections, as well as phone and cable lines.

    To Order an IT UPS kit visit our KIT ORDERING PAGE and choose the kit that best suits your requirements.

  • For further information on uninterruptible power supply visit our FAQ section.

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