Contemporary Energy Ltd can supply UPS solutions to maintain power to essential computer equipment in your home or office.


Estimate the power of your IT system

As a guide, a single typical desktop computer will run on 200-250W. Allow another 200W for a printer and router.

Choose your solution

We can offer four UPS solutions.

Output Power Full load
back-up time
Half load
back-up time
Back-UPS ES 8-plug battery backup for IT 400VA (240W) 5.2 18.1 £71
Back-UPS ES 8-plug battery backup for IT 700VA 700VA (405W) 3.5 13.2 £90
Smart-UPS Smart UPS 420VA 420VA (260W) 5.5 13.5 £162
Smart-UPS Smart UPS 1000VA 1000VA (670W) 6.0 21.0 £396

To order an IT UPS solution

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