The World’s First Intelligent Light Bulb

This patented Intelligent Bulb has a built in sensor that recognises when there is a power failure. It uses just 4 watts of electricity. The Intelligent Bulb can be used for a down light ceiling fixture with a standard light bulb, screw or bayonet fitting, or a table light or tall stand light.

The Intelligent Bulb works just the same as a normal bulb, but it really comes into its own when there is when a power cut. Within seconds the bulb switches back on through its built-in battery pack. The Lithium battery provides up to 4 hours of emergency lighting during times of black outs The on-off switch allows the Intelligent Bulb to be used as a torch.

The Intelligent Bulbs can be used as a direct replacement of existing light bulbs to provide an emergency light.

The normal wall switch function is not affected when the power supply is restored.Tthe battery is re-charged so as to be ready for the next time your home or business is in darkness.

Ordering Intelligent Light Bulbs

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Technical Details

  • Power: 4 watts
  • Voltage: 85-265 V
  • Luminosity: 200 lm
  • Emergency time: 3 hours
  • Size: 65 mm x 115 mm
  • Weight: 135 grams
  • Fittings E27 screw and B22 (with an adapter)
  • Initial charging of the battery up to 12 hrs
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Estimated 20,000 hours life LED
  • 500 charges of the battery (similar to a mobile phone)